Five Reasons it Cost more to be Poor 2021 is because people are not educated in Financial Literacy.

With a little help. You could save 1000's easily if you are willing to take the steps.  Steps will come later 

Reason 1
Buying things we do not need nor can we afford.

It is great to have the newest gadget, or is it. Let's think about that for a moment. Just because it is new doesn't make it better or a must have item. 
For example your cellphone that cost 500 dollars last year that works perfectly fine. Because the newest model is coming out so you have to have it right. Wrong waste of money and a big reason why you will never reach financial freedom.

Reason 2
Poor Credit equals High interest loans

This right here is a Huge problem in 2019.
I ask the question. Why ?
The number one reason is because people are not educated in Financial literacy.
 This is proven with the legal institution of the Pay day loan. Which should be called we Own you from Payday to Payday. When you already live Pay check to Pay check this is your sand trap that you will ultimately be your future under which you will be stuck in if you don't get educated.

The  Link below goes into more  detail. Looks at the plus side of Interest.
The gains on Interest accounts you could have but probably receive but don't due to needing to borrow from Pay day Lenders

Paying and Receiving Interest 2019

Reason 3
Keeping up with the Joneses

If more people lived within their means they wouldn't be in the situations that they are in currently.
Why buy a Benz if you can't afford to get the Benz its regularly scheduled maintenance. Not very smart.
Why would you spend your minimum wage weekly check on buying your infant Jordan's because your rent is 1 dollar. Do better.
Living in a neighborhood you can't afford to empress your friends. Boy bye.

Perfect example of two Guys going to a Barbecue.
Two guys go to the store needing a white t shirt. Guy one has good job making 75k per year get basic 5 dollar t shirt. Guy two makes 32k per year goes to the designer section get the shirt with the horse on it that cost 39.50. Who made the better choice. Guy one made the best long term money investment. Why because they are going to a Barbecue with white shirts on. Guy two is going to try everything not to get anything on his 38 dollar shirt.

Moral of the story Guy One is about to have fun.

Reason 4
Lack of Generational Wealth

He comes the Racial aspect which some don't like to hear. I really don't know why not it is history.
Ok Black people are spending to much on names and not saving .
Nielsen Report Puts Black Buying Power at $1.2 Trillion for 2018
Ok White people you have had a longer time to be able to accumulate wealth over centuries.
as seen below

Reason 5

The High Cost to Being Poor

Follow the Link above I couldn't not have explained it any better without typing it out.

      People are Spending like they got 800 credit scores.

Just my random thoughts thanks for taking the time.