Are you ready for the New Ansi A92 Standard? Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs)

If you felt the Impact of the Tier 4 Emissions Standard and or the ELD Mandate.
Get ready for the Ansi A92.

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New ANSI A92 industry standards were published in December 2018 and go into effect December 2019. (which cover all North American Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs) and the industry as a whole needs to start preparing now for the impact these changes will have on your fleets, your customers and their equipment operators.

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Key Point to Know
New classifications

The biggest change made in ANSI A92 is the way aerial lifts are classified. 

All will be referred to as Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs), and there will be two classes:
  • Group A. In these, the center of the work platform remains within the perimeter of the chassis at all times. Examples include scissor lifts and vertical lifts.
  • Group B. In these, the center of the work platform can be positioned beyond the chassis. Boom lifts fall into Group B.

Each group is further broken down into:
  • Type 1, which can travel only in the stowed position and must be moved manually
  • Type 2, which are controlled from the chassis and can be driven elevated
  • Type 3, which have controls on the work platform and can be driven elevated.

Equipment changes

  • Under ANSI A92, new aerial lifts will be required to have sensors that sound an alarm and prevent the machine from operating when the safe load limit is exceeded. The machinery must also include a tilt sensor that triggers an alarm and prevents movement of the chassis or work platform when a certain level of slope is exceeded.
  • Chains to close off entrances to the work platform will no longer be permitted; MEWPs will have to have a gate, complete with toe guards.
  • ANSI A92 will require MEWPS used outdoors to have sensors for wind speed so load capacities can be reduced in windy conditions. MEWPs labeled for indoor use only won’t require these sensors.
  • The required height for the equipment platform railings will be raised to 43.5 inches, up from 39 inches.
  • To improve stability, MEWPs used on rough terrain will need solid tires or foam-filled tires rather than air-filled tires.

Safe operation and training
  • Users of MEWPs must ensure that all of their workers be compliant with the new A92.22 safe use and A92.24 training standards on the effective date (December 2019). Safe use and training apply to all MEWPs in operation regardless of when they were manufactured

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