Not A Manager: Day 4118

BIM meets Construction Equipment

Heavy Equipment Guide BIM

What if you get a change order in a control room and happen to need a MEWP?  

Do you site visit to determine needs?

Mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) specialist JLG has launched a new library on its website for Building Information Modelling (BIM) compatible products.
JLG’s BIM library allows users to choose the right equipment every time with the complete set of 3D BIM-compatible models from JLG

"BIM continues to transform the traditionally siloed architecture, engineering and construction disciplines to enhance communication and integrate workflows," comments Guru Bandekar, global vice president, product management & development for JLG. "BIM helps improve collaboration among teams and gives greater design insight through the entire building life cycle from concept to demolition or renovation.

There are multiple benefits to using BIM files:
  • Get immediate updates when plans change.
  • Identify the best machine for the job.
  • Only transport essential equipment to save time and money.
  • Access relevant machine data to make informed decisions.
  • Ensure all equipment meets the highest standards of safety and performance.
  • Increase efficiency across teams with streamlined communication.

The major benefit of JLG BIM models is that it lets parties involved anticipate challenges, manage risk and eliminate guesswork in the build environment.

“JLG is at the forefront of innovation,” says Neil Doherty, Lead Engineer for JLG.