It's that time again: Non Marking OTR Tires

This is Construction: 
Non Marking Off the road (OTR) Tires
If you own equipment this really applies to you.
If you think this is bad you haven't seen anything yet.

Construction is one of the most challenging
because we work in essentially an “un-controlled” environment that is constantly changing. If your from where I'm from the Buckeye State. You know this all to well. Saying that we can experience 4 seasons in a week is a understatement. I have to wonder when the job is sold, how much does that factor in the possible profit or loss.

This is not  a normal means to cover cover a tire but it is creative.

Wheel cover companies recommended customers go with their heavy duty option for projects lasting longer than two weeks. That math does not add up. Let’s stop making them rich and put that money back in our pockets.

The first big accomplishment you win the bid the contract is yours. A 1 million sq ft facility but did you cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s.

Small expenses at first add up over the course of a project.

For example You start the job in the middle of the October. Job is projected to last six months in a state that can have four seasons in one week. Job requires 65 foot boom 10k telehandler for entire job two 26’ rough terrain scissors for two months and two 41’ rough terrain scissors for four months.

Ask yourself a couple questions?
How much money is in the budget for equipment?
What are the ground and site conditions?

Is the ground poured on the other side?

Has the floor been poured?

What does the site require in the form of protecting the floor?

What does the site require in the form of protecting the floor?

How many sets of wheel covers could you go through worst case scenario?

This is where shegetitdone comes in at.

Look 6 months you would possibly use 12 sets using 2 per month for heavy duty wheel covers per unit at $350 per set drum-roll please $8400 for just the boom and the telehandler Was that tiny detail included the bid? A blow like that could kill profits and make the job a loser. That wasn’t all the math but I think you get the point but if you missed it.

We could go on but we will just ask one more question.

Why would you replace this with another marking tire?  
Cost is not going to be the correct answer.

We have the solution that you didn't even know to thing about

This is the new normal in old construction game.

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