What is Project Management without Project Complete.

Are you Running Projects without Proper Training in Project Management?

Construction is complex there isn’t any one size fits all type projects so it is imperative not to treat the project as such.
Companies with successful project management practices in place have learned that both management and non management must have a clear understanding about their roles in ensuring successful projects and this requires an continual investment in project management training for both groups. The whole story as defined in the Merriam- Webster dictionary means “all the facts: in other words “Everything”. What is a book without a beginning or end. What is Project Management without Project Complete.
With new innovations and the Internet of Things Companies are doing themselves a disservice if they are not taking advantage of these resources. Many Companies will invest in training for people working on projects to teach them how to develop a project plan but do not consider training senior management in their role as project sponsors.


Senior management provide resources to ensure the project is sufficiently staffed and also act as project sponsor. Unfortunately, more often than not, they are not aware of their responsibilities in helping to ensure project success. Their role in the Company is strategically focused, not task focused, and as such they don’t need to understand the details of managing a project—that’s the project manager and project team’s responsibility. However, they often don’t provide the on-going support the project requires. If the project sponsors has the ability to give the Project the on-going attention and support the entire team will be ahead of the game. Project  management is a task in itself it requires the ability to multitask and perform a variety of roles.
Functional management must understand how the successful management of projects will not only benefit them but will help the Company. Their cooperation is key to ensure timely approvals are given for Project Scope Statements, Approvals, Project Change Requests and other key project documentation. So while continued training of project managers and team members is important, training of functional management is key.
Key takeaways, train the management team, including functional management,  non management so that they understand why they should support projects and why it’s good for them and the Company. As well, be sure to provide management with early warning signs about difficulties that projects may be facing before projects reach a flood state.
While senior management does not have the time to examine individual, detailed reports on each project, nevertheless, they want and need to be kept up to date on the progress of all projects. Maintaining a regular practice of communicating and reporting through an integrated report that combines all projects into one report is a good idea. This report will provide an overview of the projects that are on-track, off-track or experiencing serious problems. It is an early warning sign to management to alert them about the status of project.
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