Virtual Reality (VR) It just makes Dollars

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VR is here are you ready.

To be the Best you have to stay ahead of the Best

United Rental has done it again, Virtual Reality simulation of Mobile Elevated Work Platform - MEWP operations from Serious Labs; Virtual Reality simulation of crane operations from Industrial Training International; a computer lab; eLearning content that satisfies OSHA requirements; a digital training library; and hands-on training from United Rentals experts.

“Serious Labs, United Rentals and the broader equipment rental industry share the goal of safe work sites and well-trained operators,” said Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs. “We’re pleased to make our technology available to the North American industry as part of United Academy’s best-in-class training methodologies.”

Virtual Reality simulators provide the ability to practice skills in real-world situations before being tested on actual equipment.

I had the privilege of getting first hand training on the Boom MEWP VR simulation at United Rentals 20th Anniversary Celebration Sawgrass Marriott 

Shegetitdone Virtual Reality Experience on a Boom

Wade Carson, director of business development at Serious Labs, says VR simulated training can be uniquely collaborative, bringing people in different parts of the world together in one place, virtually. “We bring an avatar into a virtual space," he says. "It’s a network that goes to the cloud. As long as you have somebody on the simulator, they can be in the same space at the same time.”

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