$100 million development named “Project Carney” The former Rolling Acres mall is ready for Ground breaking.

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Amazon's Newest Distribution Center the former Rolling Acres Mall Code Name Project Carney
When I moved to Akron, Ohio from D.C in 1994, I frequented Randall Park mall in North Randall Ohio which was a bike ride from my grandparents home in Shaker heights, Ohio. Guess what it is  now a Amazon Distribution center. 
Even LeBron James has memories of the Mall.
Just 30 minutes south was Rolling Acres which was the place to be for any teenager in Akron, Ohio. It was on the bus route it had 3 different shopping plazas, a mall, movie theater, restaurants it even had two Wendy’s one in the mall and outside. 

Ironic that Amazon is coming to the site, since online shopping had a root in the closure of this mall and many across America.

Which is going to be Great for the City of Akron.
Amazon brings back Jobs to the City that was once the rubber capital of the world.
Home to Goodyear , Firestone, Goodrich, and of course LeBron James just too name a few.

What was left prior to Rolling Acres Closing for good.
It closed down in Oct. 2008, sat abandoned for eight years and deteriorated badly during that time, and then was demolished recently after the city of Akron took possession after the previous TWO owners both failed to pay property taxes (dating all the way back to 2006 when the mall was still open!) on the mall...

Details to the construction of the 695,383-square-foot rectangular facility that will be built between Sept. 16, 2019 and May 31, 2020, according to an article from the Beacon Journal/Ohio.com .
The General Contractor has been named. Now the Sub contractors are lying in wait along with, the vendors, and suppliers waiting for the call saying that you have been awarded the Carney Contract.

The redevelopment plans are titled "Project Carney," in an apparent nod to Jay Carney, the company's senior vice president of global corporate affairs. Construction on the warehouse is scheduled to begin in September, according to the Beacon Journal. Which means the New Mobile Elevated work Platform ANSI A 92 standard will be just 3 months shy of mandate.

Check out the Video below to see Rolling Acres then and now.

Similar projects to replace malls with Amazon fulfillment centers, as Amazon did at the North Randall Park Mall in North Randall and the Euclid Square Mall  Code name Project Bark in Euclid both in northeasten Ohio.

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