The problem is, you two think that you white-collar people are better than us blue-collar people.

I never use to watch Blackish because I had a unconscious bias about what I thought it would portray. Needless to say it is a Great show that dives deep into social issues. 

SheGetItDone is the biggest advocate for Skilled Labor/ Trade Work over college debt.

This episode of Blackish really stuck with me. 

Dre: When I was growing up, I heard my parents talk about the American Dream, and it sounded pretty good... Modest home, honest job, and a Grand Canyon family vacation. But for my generation, it changed a little bit... Nicer home, better job, and a Hawaiian family vacation. And for this generation after me, it's just gone insane. The American Dream has become an actual dream, something most of us can only achieve when we're sleeping, which means as parents, all we can do is push our kids to be all they can be so they can have a chance of getting their piece of whatever their American Dream is. 

Twins:We got our career tests back! It says I'm gonna be in a position of power in a political organization! Oh, that is amazing! Way to go! 
And I'm gonna be a member of a unionized group of skilled laborers. 
[Clears throat] Boom! 
Here you go, babe.
There you go. Now, you enjoy that. 
Mm. No, you taste it first. 
I'm not falling for that again. 
Did you talk to Jack? 
Well, he's legitimately excited about...
Becoming a mechanic, a welder, or a lumberjack.
Seems like he really just wants to lose a finger.
Pops: I don't see what the problem is. Welders, mechanics, all of that... 
Those are good-paying union jobs, son. 
Hey, look, Pops, nobody is saying that. 
All I'm saying is that I don't need a test telling my son what he's going to be for the rest of his life. Exactly.
Because it will affect his mind-set going into middle school, which will affect his mind-set going into high school, which will affect his mind-set going into college... College? 
Come on. 
You're getting ahead of yourself, now. Just a little bit. 
Why don't you relax and have some of that ice cream?
 Yeah, I mean, who says the boy is going to college anyway? 
I mean, look at me. I didn't go. My life's pretty great.
 You live off us. And that's pretty great. 
Besides, you don't need college to get a job. Pops. 
We don't want him to have a job. 
We want him to have a career. 
Like your high-powered lives are so terrific? 
You're both too busy to pick up your own children from school. 
You gotta send a drunk old man.
 You drove the kids drunk? 
Not that it's any of your business, but I Uber'd. 
The point is, I worked a nice, honest 9-to-5 factory job so that I could come home and be with my family every night. 
But you never came home. 
But I could have.

At the end of the day you have to do what you love, and not for status...