Power Privilege & the Pandemic Madison Butler & Karen Fleshman Racy Conversations. #shegetitdone Must See

Coronavirus is further dividing an already unjust and unequal society. Black and Brown people are contracting the disease and dying at higher rates, disproportionately working on the frontlines, and even more impacted by unemployment, economic contraction, and homeschooling.

This was an online conversation about what those who have privilege do to help, both right now and in the future, featuring Madison Butler and Karen Fleshman, recorded on April 23, 2020.

Madison Butler is the Fairy Job Mother • Outspoken Diversity & Inclusion Advocate • Travel Fanatic • Culture Queen • Retention Wiz • Startup Whisperer • Builder of Sales Teams • Belonging Strategist • Keeping Austin Weird • Speaker • Hockey Fan Karen Fleshman Esq. she/hers is an activist, attorney, single soccer mom, founder of Racy Conversations, inspiring the antiracist generation


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I know it's hard to imagine it, but diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives matter more than ever right now, & not just at work.

When the dust settles, this crisis disproportionately impacted people. We all didn't get to stay home & binge Netflix, or pet our dogs. Not everyone's biggest complaint was not being able to get an Instacart slot.

Black people are disproportionately impacted because the healthcare system was not created for us. Black people currently make up 70% of the death toll in Chicago.

Black women are 2x more likely to be furloughed, laid off or receive a pay cut.

People risked their lives to bag your groceries.
People died for their jobs, & not just in hospitals.

Medical workers had to choose between their oath & their families.

Many had to Facetime their loved ones to say goodbye.

Many people won't be able to afford mental health treatment to deal with the emotional aftermath.

We deserve better.
From healthcare, to business, to communities.

I recently read that, we are not stuck at home, "we are safe at home", & that is a privilege.

I hope we emerge more empathetic than before. I hope as humans we come together to help those impacted, but also to create change.

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I spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about the pandemic and the way it will change the way we view the world.

If brown people started flooding state capitols with weapons, it would be called a “riot”, not a protest. Police wouldn’t stand calmly with us.

The news would look very different this morning.

Privilege is showing it’s true face. This is what we meant when we said “privilege"- the ability to exercise your right to speak up, to protest, without the fear of not returning home to your family.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, there is privilege in the way we get to respond to things.

Privilege never meant that there were not struggles, it meant that people's lives are valued on a sliding scale.

That's the tea.

So let's talk about it. If anything, let's make sure the pandemic leaves us ready for change, ready to have hard conversations & ready to examine ourselves.