The Amani Experience Podcast Interview with Melissa Majors #shegetitdone

The Amani Experience Podcast Interview with Melissa Majors

image257Ok, I had the pleasure of receiving a message from Milissa Majors to check out an interview that she did. She thought that it would resonate with me,  Let me just say it truly did.

Please take an hour out of your day and, enjoy the Amani experience because he is riveting and she is marvelous. It was a fantastic use of my time nothing short of a master class. I can be a little bias being that she is a true Ohio State Buckeye.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Milissa a couple months ago on this date actually ironically. I was heading to ConExpo North America's largest construction show that takes place every 3 years in Las Vegas. Milissa gave me some great words of wisdom being that I was moderating a few educational sessions for the Association of Equipment Management Professional AEMP. Let's just say I nailed it.

If you haven't signed up for one or all of her courses you better.

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