In light of the novel coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world, the famous saying “not all heroes wear capes” applies to more and more people every day. The doctors and the rest of the medical staff fighting the virus on the frontlines, all the people who can’t stay home and are going to work every day, keeping our civilization intact and functioning as it’s supposed to – shopkeepers, cashiers,
electricians, plumbers, garbagemen, you name it. We also can’t forget the people who are locking themselves at home so they can relieve at least some of the tension on the healthcare system of their country.
And yet another hero has joined these forces. Canadian boy scout Quinn Callander recently responded to the call of help by his local hospital and figured out a brilliant way to relieve some of the pain the medical workers have to deal with from wearing protective gear all day long every single day on the frontlines.
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After his local hospital asked people to help out medics with the pain they endure from wearing protective masks all day, Canadian boy scout Quinn Callander couldn’t just stand by

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Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, hospitals all over the world are overflowing with COVID-19 patients. But the patients are not the only ones suffering. Medical staff are forced to wear layers of protective gear that painfully digs into their skin day by day.

He figured he would use his 3D printing skills to create an “ear guard” for medical workers who have to wear masks all day

Image credits: hebby2u
After one Canadian hospital asked people to help their medical staff deal with this problem, boy scout Quinn didn’t hesitate for a moment and used his 3D printer to create a genius yet simple solution – ear guards that prevent the security straps on surgical masks from rubbing into the back of the ears and head of the one wearing it.

That protects the security straps from rubbing on their ears all day

“Quinn answered a request from the local hospitals for help with creating “ear guards” to help take the pressure off health care workers’ ears from wearing masks all day. He got busy on his 3D printer and has been turning out dozens of ear guards to donate,” Quinn’s mom Heather wrote on Facebook.

He’s not only printed dozens of these ‘ear guards” to donate but has also made the file he’s using public

They also shared the file he’s using publicly so that anyone could get their 3D printers working for a greater cause and help the medical staff in their area. You can find the file here and let’s all start printing!

So people all over the world can make their printers useful and help out their local hospitals as well

Image credits: hebby2u

“We need more volunteers to fire up their 3D printers and donate these ear guards to hospitals and medical professionals!” says his mom, Heather

People found young scout’s actions really heroic