LeBron on The Last Dance, How MJ Changed His Life, and Almost Playing Football | AFTER PARTY


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LeBron James joins Maverick Carter with host Paul Rivera to react to the final episodes of The Last Dance docuseries. LeBron and the crew talk all things Michael Jordan, including the first time he and LeBron met, MJ's impact on a young LeBron growing up, and the very brief moment when LeBron and Jordan were teammates during a scrimmage. Later, LeBron and the crew get into a hypothetical Dream Team vs. Redeem Team matchup and the very real time that LeBron started doing some training for the NFL.
4:18 -- Last Dance Series Reactions 11:29 -- MJ’s 93 Retirement 15:23 -- LeBron Training to Play Football in 2011 17:27 -- LeBron’s First Time Meeting MJ 21:42 -- Origin of MJ & Young LeBron Photo 27:16 -- LeBron & Kobe Team USA 2008 Story 30:48 -- 1992 Dream Team vs 2008 Redeem Team 33:40 -- Leadership Styles 40:01 -- Which Season Would LeBron Document? 42:13 -- Teaching Bronny 43:48 -- 2020 NBA Playoffs Stay connected with UNINTERRUPTED at: https://instagram.com/uninterrupted https://twitter.com/uninterrupted https://facebook.com/uninterrupted https://www.snapchat.com/add/uninterr... Subscribe to the UNINTERRUPTED newsletter here: https://www.uninterrupted.com/#subscribe http://www.youtube.com/uninterrupted