Dr. Michael V. Roberts & Dr. George C. Fraser on the Power Podcast

Widely acclaimed as one of America’s leading and most influential businessmen, Dr. Michael V. Roberts, Sr. returns with his innovative follow-up to the International Best-seller Action Has No Season: Strategies and Secrets to Gaining Wealth & Authority. The widening gap between people who take Action in their life and business to create generational wealth and people who are not taking Action means dealing with one very distressing truth: If you’re not running your own sustainable business, you’re not living an abundant life and enjoying the fruits of your labor. The global economic business market is radically evolving thanks to science, technology, engineering, and new forms of currency exchange. This means massive opportunities for the entrepreneur who wants to become wildly successful and incredibly wealthy. In this eye-opening book, prominent businessman and international best-selling author Dr. Michael V. Roberts, Sr. reveals the phenomenon that Actionaires are the players who are taking advantage of global opportunities in the fields of social media business applications, cyber security, blockchain utilization, Cryptocurrency emergence, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning to name a few, and they are applying these global opportunities to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, those who have not yet discovered the Actionaire inside of them haven’t yet committed to the full understanding of how to make the most out of every moment in their life and fulfill that opportunity to its fullest extension. Nearly every industry has incorporated advanced Science and Technology and you must be prepared to make the shift and develop the possibilities within your environment. With Action Has No Season 2.0, Dr. Roberts explains how to develop the infinite possibilities that define your personal life and business and the importance of creating and sustaining generational wealth. Dr. Roberts reveals how the Actionaire lays the foundation of their future vision by setting goals, having the courage to take risks, and by showing others through their Actions that nothing and no one can stand in their way of accomplishing their dreams, living with passion, and achieving their mission in life. Action Has No Season 2.0 is a daring and challenging must-read that is highly stimulating. In debates about the divergence of emerging technology, human relationships, and entrepreneurship, this book is impossible to ignore.

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