Live With Constance Carter on 5/16/20 with Dr. George Fraser

Constance Carter is a wealth activator, real estate maven and founder of Catalyst Real Estate, the largest African American residential real estate and lending firm in California. But really, she is a hope restorer. A luminary. A generational cycle breaker who is teaching counted-out families how to shift from poverty to possibility. An expert at coaching people to power, Constance's career has been one bold move after the next. She entered residential real estate nearly two decades ago, determined to become a force in a game of success that was not systematically designed for her to win. She came, she saw and she undeniably conquered, becoming a multiple seven figure agent, a few times over. But as she found herself helping so many individuals to stand again after life had knocked them down, Constance realized that she wasn't just handing her clients keys to their homes--she was handing them keys to their legacies. So her destiny-driven mission became clear-- to empower and equip people to transform their lives through mindset, action and assets. Constance walks her clients down a path paved with possibilities for amassing wealth--one that most of them could not have envisioned for themselves before meeting her. Her signature Wealth Map ™, a step-by-step roadmap for shifting from working class to wealth, teaches people how to create economic opportunities through homeownership, estate planning, investment and entrepreneurship. A true teacher, Constance's remarkable work on wealth and money mindset spans mediums. She is a captivating and unforgettable speaker who brings her wealth wisdom to stages across the country. Authoring the "Build Credit to Build Wealth Workbook", Best Seller "Keeping Score - What you need to Know to Make Your Credit Score Grow", and International Best Seller "The Secret to Breaking the B.R.O.K.E. Code". She's has been featured in several publications and platforms, including Black Enterprise, Rolling Out Magazine, Fox and dozens more. Learn more about Constance and her work at