White Supremacy, Class, and COVID Racy Conversations

According to the Guardian, the USA billionaire class has added $308B to its wealth during the pandemic, eight billionaires have seen a net worth surge of $1 billion+. Meanwhile, 26 million+ Americans have lost their jobs. "Extreme wealth inequality has become America’s “pre-existing condition.”"- The Institute for Policy Studies Will the coronavirus pandemic cause a shift in class consciousness? What is the responsibility of corporate decision-makers as they shed the workforce into safety nets that have been cut due to corporations lobbying for more tax cuts? Will Americans of similar class groups finally unite across race to demand change? How is white supremacist ideology at play in who profits and who suffers during the pandemic? Let's talk. Shane Lloyd is a social change agent, D&I consultant, and senior trainer/board member with an organization called Class Action, a Boston-based non-profit that aims to inspire action against classism. Karen Fleshman Esq. she/hers is an activist, attorney, single soccer mom, founder of Racy Conversations, inspiring the antiracist generation