Dad is Caregiving During Coronavirus and Beyond

The pandemic has upended how we work and how we parent. How much will change in the future — particularly for fathers? As vaccines begin to roll out, some dads "may not want to return to their old routines," notes USA Today. Although women have still taken on the majority of household tasks, the number of couples who said child care responsibilities were evenly split rose to 56%, up from 45% pre-pandemic. And 68% of dads say they've felt closer to their kids, according to a Lean In survey.

Caregiving During Coronavirus and Beyond– Balancing Complexity with Compassion

The impact of the past year on caregivers, especially, cannot be overstated. Whether caring for young children or elders, or both, many of today’s workers are struggling to find new ways to manage it all. Women have been especially affected, and in order to prevent backslides in workforce gender equality gains, companies will need to create cultures that support taking leave when needed. With the advent of new paid family and medical leaves in multiple states, coupled with some of the temporary emergency legislation that was passed in 2020, employers continue to face the growing complexity of administration. For multi-state employers, it is even more challenging. Staying in compliance with the variety of detailed state regulations can be overwhelming as states continue to refine and make decisions regarding the details about their proposed plans. Insurance carriers who provide absence and leave administration help mitigate this complexity, and help employers balance productivity needs with employees’ well-being. Our industry will continue to be important partners in supporting the health of the American workforce and economy in the years to come.


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