Devery Broox performing "Privilege" at Southern Fried

 Oh Lord here we go again.

They see the melanin in my skin as a weapon.
And no weapon
formed against them shall prosper.
So why try?
Why play the race card
when y'all are ahead
by damn near 400 years of a head start,
and have no intentions of evening the stakes, I get it.
Those were your ancestors' mistakes.
Well thank god grandpa left you in first place,
admit it.
You white right?
Oh no.
You Italian, you Irish, you English, you German.
Nigga that's white, right?
Then you privileged.
So stop playing stupid insulting my intelligence
when it only takes a GED
to see that there's a difference
between our American experience.
For instance, turn on the TV,
we can see what's happening.
We live in a different world.
When you see nothing but Happy Days
and we struggle for Good Times.
But you know us,
before the commercials show up the cops will.
Unfortunately, we don't have friends in the 90210
who can Saved by the Bell but hell,
that's why Family Matters, 'cause That's My Mama
balancing Parenting-hood while Living Single in the PJs.
And nowadays we wanna move on up to the east side too.
But y'all keeping it All in the Family,
so how in the fuck am I supposed to believe that racism
no longer exists when Everybody Loves Raymond,
but Everybody Hates Chris, bitch.
(audience cheering)
I guess, I guess there's Different Strokes
for different folks, so Cheers.
Here's to injustice anywhere
being a threat to justice everywhere,
but King you are unaware that it ain't justice
when it's just us, the Just-us League,
just us in the league just y'all in the lead, nah,
I don't want your NBA I want your MBA
because it ain't a fair game when you own it.
This land ain't been the land of the free
since you've been on it, so keep your American dreams,
I don't want it, 'cause ever since you sent me
the roadway to hell has been paved with your pigment
and now black men make up less than 6% of the US population.
Less than 5% of the collegiate population,
but more than 41% of the prison population.
Now instead of facing that situation,
most of y'all are acting like Tiger Woods,
calling yourselves cablasian
acting as if at the very essence of a black man
is of no relation and that ain't even the problem, kids
the problem is most of y'all are sitting on the solution
but won't stand up,
won't speak up,
complain about the white man,
dwelling upon the fact that daddy never manned up,
maybe we should call Bush,
have his ass write another plan up,
call it "No Child Left Behind
well, shit we can't even get the little mother fuckers
to pull they pants up
this is basic economics,
the supply of available and good mentors at an all time low,
so you know demand's up,
but you wonder why
little man don't want to get his grades up,
that's because he to focus on getting his change up
with hopes of one day picking a Platinum chain up,
not knowing that he's the weakest link.
But hey, swag, I bet Willie Lynch is somewhere right now,
singing We Shall Overcome in 12 different keys,
mocking you niggas
I bet Malcolm X wishes he bit the bullet
instead of taking one for the team
and King, I bet he wish he hit the snooze button
instead of going to the mountaintop to share his dreams.
So it seems we are nothing more than
modern day Tuskegee experiments,
waiting for another Jena six, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown
and a bailout from brother president
but you wonder why you ain't worth three-fifths
that's because you proven that you don't give two shits
I remember we used to march and raise black fist
but I guess y'all niggas no longer exist,
been replaced,
or what I like to call "comment box revolutionists"
whose voices are only as loud as the taps on the keyboard
you only in line when you're online.
When you log off you shut down.
Where's your hard drive?
Oh I know controlled, altered, deleted, archived,
the whole while the police is creating a network
and instead of avoiding the trap we rap about it,
only proving that the net-works. We own
B E T, our own network, selling our souls,
not even knowing its networth.
I guess Rosa was just fronting
I guess Harriet was just tripping.
I guess King was just dreaming
and we owe Bessie an apology for snitching
because it's clear to me now
why the cage Negro sings.
Jim Crow is still fly
(Clapping and cheering)