Winston Engineering Inc: We Construct Success

At Winston Engineering we provide a variety of professional services to meet all your engineering needs. We know Engineering requires an ability to analyze existing data and come up with creative solutions to solve problems. When you are looking for an engineer, you want to find experience, commitment, resolve, and passion. We are proud to offer all of that through a variety of fields to serve you.

Quite often entrepreneurship is painted as this glorious mountaintop where you’ll find complete happiness and a pot of gold. In Chris Rock’s comedy special “Bigger & Blacker” he stated “You gotta love the crust, the crumbs, the tiny crumbs at the bottom of the toaster.” in reference to being in a relationship. Although being an entrepreneur in Construction Engineering has been very rewarding, like any other profession, it comes with its challenges. Three years ago I wrote an article “How I Escaped My 9 to 5” (See article here ), detailing my journey to business ownership. Now I want to give some insight into this world for any aspiring entrepreneur.