Black History Month is here Let's highlight Jennifer Todd and her Advocacy of Trades.

 The youngest Black woman to receive California’s CSLB (A) General Engineering license, Jennifer Todd, serves as LMS General Contractors Founder and President. Jennifer heads the company’s management team and is responsible for developing & executing LMS’s strategic growth.

Jennifer is a strong advocate for job creation and employee development. Her Greener Tomorrow apprenticeship program is geared toward the advancement of unemployed and underemployed people of color, and she is a recognized speaker and top professional in the industry.
Jennifer Todd

They discuss on the podcast 

  • Tackling every role from estimating to ownership
  • Managing profit and organic growth
  • Being intentional about your workforce development
  • Taking a situational approach to supporting and training your team
  • Having critical conversations about bias, barriers, and representation

With Micheal Shegetitdone Lane