Go fund Me: Civilians don't get free representation, but those accused of a crime do , and so do Corporations. Make it make sense.

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Discrimination will not be tolerated in the workplace in 2022. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed and we are Hungry this year. #employee There are too many people out here fighting every day to be able to go to work and enjoy their work but these workplaces make it so difficult by discriminating against individuals who are just there to do their jobs. These individuals can’t afford the legal expenses that are entangled in filing a suit with the courts let alone going to trial. But if someone doesn’t speak up for these individuals and at least give the ones That do want to fight but the money to at least file in court so they don’t lose out on their statute of limitations every little bit helps.
Retaliation from filing a claim is the biggest windfall for the victim. Remember these cases rarely pay out anything and the EEOC doesn’t have the personnel to investigate so take it upon yourself and help someone else that you may see or notice in a bad situation and donate $payitforwardfolks