Dirty Duct Tales

Wonder why your home is dusty and your allergies are bad.  

2021 Discount code SGID


$299.99  unlimited vents/wall return cleaning package with dryer vent check 1 trunk line brushing/suction included Air scent included, video inspection and mold check.

$399 unlimited supply vents/return package   with 2 main trunkline brushing/suction with sanitation, mold check, filter change, and video inspection with DRYER cleaning 

$479.99 unlimited supply vent/return package with chimney Sweep....2 main trunks brushing/suction included with sanitation, mold check, and filter change 

$449.99. unlimited supply vents /return package 3 main trunks brushing/suction included with mold treatment up to 500  square feet With filter change 

$499.99 unlimited vents and returns, dryer vent cleaning, sanitation( filter change if permitted)
Mold treatment up to 750 square feet, furnace sweep and check with 3 trunklines included 

Each main trunk  ranges from $55-$75 each 
 All packages are unlimited vents  & return registers 
Each package is PER UNIT (furnace)   
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Chimney sweeps 
Dryer vent cleaning 
Air duct cleaning & more