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Be comfortable being uncomfortable.


adjective: disadvantaged 
  1. (of a person or area) in unfavorable circumstances, especially with regard to financial or social opportunities.:"disadvantaged groups such as the elderly and unemployed" "we began to help the disadvantaged".
    synonyms: deprived, underprivileged, depressed, in need, needy, in want, in distress, destitute, poor, poverty-stricken, discriminated against, on the bread line, necessitous
    antonyms: privileged
past tense: disadvantaged past participle: disadvantaged 
  1. place in an unfavorable position in relation to someone or something else.:"we are disadvantaging the next generation".
    synonyms: treat unfavorably, put at a disadvantage, treat harshly/unfairly, put in an unfavorable position, handicap, inflict a handicap on, do a disservice to, be unfair to, wrong


Shegetitdone is a newly founded nonprofit organization that supports disadvantaged individuals that are naive to the construction trade industry through mentoring, education, and advocacy, and by encouraging and empowering the disadvantaged to seek and maintain careers in the construction industry.


We lead and inspire the disadvantaged to join the construction industry.
Founded by a woman with a disability and black, knowing that overall disadvantaged individuals only account for a small portion of those working in construction trades, we seek to create a network to support and educate those who might be interested in joining this industry.

SGID Goals:
  1. To foster and promote mentoring and networking opportunities for the disadvantaged 
  2. To create professional development opportunities for the disadvantaged in the construction trades through education and leadership training
  3. To advocate for the disadvantaged in the construction trade industry
  4. To encourage and educate other disadvantaged groups to join the construction trade industry
  5. To build a high social media platform promoting and explaining the different trades
  6. To tell the stories of those already in the trades

The response to the formation of SGID has been well received. We seek partners to help us promote our goals and to be ambassadors of our objectives and commitment to inclusivity within the construction industry. 

The SGID sponsorship program helps to support the association’s ongoing efforts as well as fund Shegetitdone individual events.

Sponsors can either sign up for annual designation as a “Friends of the disadvantaged in construction” and/or directly sponsor specific events hosted by SGID. Any donations generated by sponsorship will be used for furthering the goals of SGID at the discretion of the president of Shegetitdone.

For more information about Shegetitdone sponsorship opportunities or event details, please contact  mlane@shegetitdone.com. 

You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

We look forward to bringing these disadvantaged individuals into the construction industry, and we appreciate your support of Shegetitdone!

Micheal Lane