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Backpack Blower

The Redmax EBZ7001

Backpack blower features a 2-stroke engine with 64.9 cc displacement that generates 3.9 horsepower. That gives it the power to push a 205 MPH maximum air speed, while generating 586 CFM of air flow through the tube. The ultra low emissions make this a powerful, yet environmentally friendly blower.

The Backpack Leaf Blowers provide powerful, high velocity airflow to quickly clear away leaves, grass clippings, and other unwanted debris. This backpack blower features a gas powered motor with the ability to blow up to 238 MPH
  • Gas Powered
  • Up to 238 MPH
  • 21-23lbs


  • Clear away grass clippings, leaves, and other trash or unwanted debris
  • Blow Snow 

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